It's Time for CollaboratioN TowArds Close CooperaTion
 Erasmus Mundus - INTACT

Welcome to Erasmus Mundus - INTACT (It's Time for CollaboratioN TowArds Close CooperaTion) scholarship Programme between Regional Asia and EU.

EM INTACT is a scholarship programme for students and researchers/professionals on Bachelor, Masters, Doctoral, Post-Doctoral as well as Academic and Administrative Staff members from Regional Asia to  European Union and vice versa.

The main areas of interest are the STEM Disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) but with specific priorities for researchers in Electrical & Electronic Engineering; Information and Communication Technology; Photonics; Biomedical Engineering; Computer Engineering; Energy and Power Systems; Informatics; Telecommunications; Mathematics; Physics; Civil Engineering; Soil and Water Sciences.

In total, there are over 170 scholarships / fellowships available within INTACT project.

The duration of the mobility depends on your level of studies or research/staff status whether that is Bachelor, Masters, Doctorate, Post-Doctorate and Staff (Administrative & Teaching).

The New Call for Staff Mobility under
Erasmus Mundus INTACT Project is Now OPEN

Deadline of Submission of Applications:

23 December 2016 21:55 GMT (UK Time)

Applicants can be nationals of Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, India, Indonesia,
Malaysia, Maldives, Nepal, North Korea, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka and Thailand

 Apply HERE


Scholarships for other types of Mobility for EU Nationals and Nationals of the same Asian Geographical Lot are also available under Erasmus Mundus LEADERS project.

For more information please visit:

Check how to utilise your Erasmus Mundus scholarship opportunities to gather theoretical knowledge and practical experience from EU institutions and take these skills back to Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India and Pakistan for further career perspectives as well as to have impact on societes in your local communities.




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